Global Inheritance is a 501C3 non-profit organization that develops experiences that educate individuals about global issues and inspire them to take positive actions that create solutions.

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Eric Ritz, an advertising industry outcast and renegade, founded the organization in 2002. Ritz wanted to use the persuasive powers of the advertising industry for positive change, and decided to start with what people are passionate about – music, movies, gaming, and art. A common sense idealist, he conceived of Global Inheritance as an interdisciplinary hub, bringing environmental and activist ideology to the masses.
The organization’s core team consists of a wide range of supporters – featuring some of today’s best minds in design, the arts, engineering, architecture, event production, and environmentalism. Each year, GI expands its portfolio and creative executions to address the most critical environmental and social issues, from recycling to alternative energy.

Global Inheritance – with its low profile, grassroots approach – quickly established itself as one of the most influential, creative voices in the music festival world and within youth culture environments. Inspiring millennials, fellow nonprofits, and festival producers alike, GI has helped shaped event culture for the better. The organization addresses current environmental and sustainability needs with a unique and engaging voice.

If you’ve been to a music festival in the US during this past decade, you have most likely experienced Global Inheritance’s ideals either in a first hand or in an indirect way. Be on the lookout as the nonprofit organization continues to create meaningful programs, which inspire, engage, and activate.

  • 2002

    Global Inheritance founded

  • 2003

    First TRASHed Art of Recycling, merging creativity and visual arts with issue of waste reduction.

  • 2006

    Tour Rider is launched, addressing traffic congestion and pollution problem.

  • 2007

    Energy FACTory/Energy Playground launched at Coachella to educate others about energy sources.

  • 2013 & 2016

    In light of the imminent drought California is facing, Oasis started as an awareness program. Followed up by Rain Supreme, launched in 2016


Developing relationships at events is the foundation for our movement and the key to our success. One of our main goals at Global Inheritance is to offer people an experience they can personalize, so that every individual can feel a part of the program and the outcome. Global Inheritance provides the platform and the audience provides the energy, the excitement, and the results.

Every Global Inheritance program is unique. The concept may be the same, but the experience will vary depending on the audience. It’s important people feel a connection with the ideas, the staff, and the space we are operating in. We do not preach to the choir to move the needle. Young people are extremely savvy. They will tune in to what resonates and tune out insincerity. Global Inheritance makes a lasting impression with transparency and good ideas. Since 2002, the nonprofit organization has honed its creative powers at events to bring people together in an engaging and fun way, while highlighting serious issues. The experiential medium provides a relaxed, participatory environment that can provoke, inspire, and change attitudes about the global challenges ahead of us.

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The dream team

  • Eric Ritz
    Eric RitzExecutive Director
  • Mathew Brady
    Mathew BradyArt Director
  • Lisa Chau
    Lisa ChauProject Manager
  • Maggie Navarlatz Ritz
    Maggie Navarlatz RitzTechnology Manager
  • Whitney Zimmerman
    Whitney ZimmermanFINANCIAL MANAGER
  • Jared Sopko
    Jared SopkoEvent Manager
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