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Coachella 2014

Saving Nature Arcade

Coachella + Global Inheritance present The Saving Nature Arcade. This solar powered arcade spotlights key environmental challenges through classic 8 bit video games. Receive free tokens by participating in any of our #SavingNature efforts. Compete with other festival attendees on these arcade classics and be automatically entered to win awesome daily prizes including guest passes to see Arcade Fire. Visit The Saving Nature Arcade in the main venue and step up your game in generating social awareness about these key issues.

Complete any of the following tasks to receive Arcade tokens. One task per person/per festival

  • Recycle 3 bottles/cans at 10 4 1/TRASHed Recycling Store
  • Photograph yourself with the Polar Bears and tag #savingnature
  • Show photograph of carpoolchella car or you carpooling with 3 + friends to the festival
  • Roll dice and answer trivia question on one of the Saving Nature issues
  • Vote on your their favorite TRASHed Coachella bins and tag #savingnature
  • Photograph yourself composting
  • Fill out questionnaire regarding Coachella sustainability programs
  • Charge your phone on the energy seesaw
  • Write a love letter to Recyclasaurus Rex
  • Purchase organic Coachella shirt or organic food item
  • Show us your refillable water bottle

TRASHed Coachella 2014

Call to Artists. Help Coachella and Global Inheritance celebrate 10 years of promoting the art of recycling and inspire festival goers from around the world.

The TRASHed :: #ArtOfRecycling campaign is an ongoing recycling education program that redefines the way people view recycling and trash collection. Global Inheritance collaborates with artists to redesign recycling bins, then integrates them at high visibility events to encourage recycling and provide additional outlets for people to appreciate and interact with the artwork.

Bring your talents to the Empire Polo Grounds by submitting your art concept for TRASHed Coachella 2014 by February 21st at 5 pm. Whether you’re world famous or locally known, seize the opportunity to exhibit your art/design/conceptual work and help keep the polo fields free of rogue bottles and cans. Skills and imagination are equally important, so choose your examples wisely!

Submitting Your Artwork

1. Please fill out our TRASHed Artist Form so we can keep you posted on TRASHed updates, winners, and more.

2. Enter your submission and/or vote on submissions on Facebook.
Optional: to give us a better sense of your style and skills, email to send us a link to your portfolio or send us samples of your past artwork. DO NOT send any emails larger than 2.0 MB or we will feed you piece by piece to our polar bears.


Selection Process

This year’s celebrity judge, Global Inheritance mascot Ursus Polaris, will be selecting and vetoing submissions. All confirmed artists will receive a blank 65 gallon blank recycling bin to reimagine and redesign. All artists will be contacted by February 24 with news regarding their TRASHed Coachella 2014 submissions.

Each winning artist will receive a Coachella VIP pass. Ursus is also offering a second Coachella pass to any artist who steps up and designs a chubby seal recycling bin that he can personally use during the festival.

After Coachella, the TRASHed Coachella bins will be donated to schools across California.
If you’re looking to secure TRASHed bins for your school, email us for additional info at


TRASHed Coachella 2013 Exhibit In Los Angeles.
TRASHed Coachella 2013 Photo Gallery.

Coachella 2013 Recap

Oasis Water Bar

This first-year program introduced Coachella festival goers to the future of drinking water. Scientists worked as bartenders as they filled shot glasses and discussed water with thirsty/curious bar patrons. 14 different H2O sources were featured including purified wastewater, desalinated ocean water, Las Vegas tap water, glacier water + more. Over 40,000 shots were poured over two weekends. Check out the Global Inheritance May newsletter for survey results.

View the Photo Gallery.


Two is company, three’s a crowd and four’s a party. If you have space, why not carpool with friends, family, foes or strangers when you can win the chance to win VIP upgrades or Coachella tickets for life? If you’re commuting from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago or any other place on the map, the road trip is part of the festival experience. Coachella no longer kicks off at the polo field; it starts when selecting your co-pilots for the trip. It begins when you’re creating “Indio or Bust” playlists or brainstorming different ways to design/paint your car to hopefully draw extra attention from our Carpoolchella spotters when you enter the festival grounds.

View the Photo Gallery.

Carpool with four (4) or more to a vehicle and you might win…
VIP TICKETS TO COACHELLA FOR LIFE! + many other Prizes…. Such as
PHOTO PASSES (get up close)

Participate by simply writing the word CARPOOLCHELLA on a 8×11 piece of paper (or larger – Get CREATIVE and be easy to SPOT) (You can also just easily print this CARPOOLCHELLA pdf ) and place on the dash and arrive at the festival anytime over the weekend before 2pm on Sunday. During the weekend (Thursday – Sunday), a SECRET SPOTTER will be out at the parking and camping entrances watching people drive in. At random times, random cars with 4 or more people with a CARPOOLCHELLA on their dash or written on their car will be approached for questioning and might possibly win a VIP ticket/pass for life starting in 2014 or one of the other prizes drawn randomly (listed above).

Click here for the official rules and regulations.



Once again, artists from across the land designed the coolest recycling bins known to man. This year’s group included everyone from high schoolers to professional designers and everyone in between. Every recycling bin was graced with empty bottles/cans as well as the love and adoration of tens of thousands of festival-goers. Next stop: Southern California schools, where Global Inheritance will be donating these redesigned recycling bins over the next month.

View the Photo Gallery.

TRASHed Recycling Store/10 For 1 Bottle Exchange

Coachella festival grounds and camping areas were kept free of rogue bottles/cans, while those who helped make it happen received ticket upgrades, refillable Coachella bottles, cold waters, Recyclosaurus Rex shirts, sunscreen, ferris wheel passes plus more. Global Inheritance started the TRASHed Recycling Store program almost 10 years ago and we’ve enjoyed seeing the evolution of recycling at the festival. Refill stations are getting more popular, recycling bins are more heavily used and festival goers have become more responsible. The TRASHed Recycling Store/10 For 1 Bottle Exchange isn’t about breaking recycling records but creating an experience that lasts beyond the festival.

View the Photo Gallery.

Recyclosaurus Rex

Recyclosaurus Rex has a major crush on all Coachella festival goers and he’s bringing sexy back to the desert. For 2 weekends straight, Rex sunbathed, ate bags of recyclables and mingled with crowds and paparazzi. What better way to sacrifice your bottles/cans!

View the Photo Gallery.

Energy Playground

What better way to enjoy a sunny day @ Coachella and burn off that slice of spicy pie than with a little cardio? The Energy Playground powered the Rose Garden all day and most of the night as festival goers charged their phones/cameras while getting that perfect photo opp. Thank you for giving us your energy and keeping us unplugged!

View the Photo Gallery.

Global Inheritance Polar Bears

The Bears are in back in town! After last year’s power struggle with Pedley Mangler, all parties hugged it out and the Polar Bears were free to roam the festival grounds. Each weekend, the Polar Bears hosted a Glacier Water Happy Hour at the Oasis, fed bottles and cans to their BFF, Recyclosaurus Rex, and promoted the TRASHed Recycling Store. In their time off, the bears charged people’s cell phones/cameras, participated in the TRASHed Coachella art walk and fished for Koi in the artist compound.

View the Photo Gallery.

Energy Playground 2010-2011

May 3, 2014No Comments

Coachella 2014 – Polar Bears

A huge thank you to all the amazing people who helped bring the sustainability programs to life this year at Coachella. Your hard work, dedication and intelligence helped make this year one of the best ever. None of this is possible without you. Special thanks to the lovely people at Coachella / Goldenvoice, all our amazing volunteers, interns [...]

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April 15, 2014No Comments


TRASHed Coachella artists step it up year after year and 2014 has been no different. Hitting its 10th anniversary, the TRASHed :: Art of Recycling initiative has inspired a whole generation of Coachella fans. Click Here To See TRASHed Coachella 2014 Gallery All redesigned bins will be donated to schools in Southern California this September [...]

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April 15, 2014No Comments


A BIG thanks to all Coachella festival attendees for carpooling, recycling, generating energy on our Seesaw, refilling your water bottles, and showing your love for Recyclosaurus Rex and the Polar Bears! Kudos to all the artists who redesigned TRASHed recycling bins to keep the Empire Polo Field clean and looking good. We thank you all for [...]

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April 10, 2014No Comments


The Saving Nature Arcade is a solar-powered twist on 8 bit video games. Arcade classics have been re-skinned to spotlight key environmental challenges. Receive free tokens by participating in any of our #SavingNature efforts. Compete with other festival attendees and be automatically entered to score awesome daily prizes, including guest passes to see Arcade Fire. [...]

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March 23, 2014No Comments

unnamed (1)

Thank you to everyone who submitted their artwork for TRASHed Coachella 2014! We had loads of great submissions this year, but alas…difficult decisions had to be made. We are proud and honored to present this year’s participants : Abi Regan + Alan Bovinett + Amy Fry + Ashley Macias + BB Bastidas + Ben Swenson [...]

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February 6, 2014No Comments

unnamed (3)

As we prepare for another incredible festival and Global Inheritance’s 10th year at Coachella, we thank everyone involved with event and all the amazing festival goers for inspiring us to raise the bar when it comes to educational and environmental programming. From Portal Potties and Energy FACTory DJ Mixers to Alternative Fueled Redesigned Golf Carts [...]

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July 1, 201333 Comments


Global Inheritance is now accepting submissions for TRASHed Coachella 2014. Whether you’re world famous or an aspiring artist, seize the opportunity to showcase your artwork to over tens of thousands of festival goers all while helping keep the Empire Polo grounds clean. Fifty artists will be chosen by Ursus Polaris , and each will receive [...]

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June 20, 2013No Comments

Carpoolchella (1)

This year marked the biggest year yet for Carpoolchella. Thank you to all the drivers and passengers who make this program possible. Dozens of prizes were handed out each day. Every car with 4 or more passengers and a Carpoolchella sign had a chance to win VIP passes for life, backstage passes, festival merch + [...]

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May 23, 2013No Comments


Congratulations to our TRASHed Recycling Store/10 for 1 winners! Every Coachella festival attendee recycling 500 or more bottles/cans received a special prize pack at the TRASHed Recycling Store and was placed in a drawing for 2014 VIP passes. Thank you to all the talented individuals who participated. Not only have they saved hundreds of people [...]

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May 23, 2013No Comments


The debut of Global Inheritance’s Oasis Water Bar at Coachella 2013 was a huge success. Thousands of festival attendees tasted different types of waters to learn about their origin/potential. 14 different types of water were served – everything from desalinated Pacific Ocean water to purified wastewater to rainwater and more. Over the course of two [...]

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