Coachella 2013 Player’s Handbook

Coachella 2013 Player’s Handbook

An Insider’s Perspective On Ruling The Festival

Step 1 – Start Early

Roll to the TRASHed Coachella exhibit in Los Angeles, CA. Check out tons of cool redesigned recycling bins before they go out to the festival! Mingle with artists, meet some folks who’ll carpool with you to the festival, and enjoy free drinks and good times. The TRASHed Coachella exhibit in Los Angeles is already sold out, but if you arrive early (between 6:30 -7:00pm) and say the special password, “Ursus Polaris,” you’ll get into the exhibit. Click here to view exhibit info – If you don’t live in Los Angeles but are heading to Coachella early, visit our second TRASHed exhibit in the city of Coachella on Tuesday, April 9 from 6 – 9PM. RSVP now.

Step 2 – Getting To The Festival

Time to ring up the people you met at the TRASHed Coachella exhibit, on campus, at work, in the club or anywhere else. You’ll need 4 or more people in your car if you’re looking to be selected as a Carpoolchella winner.

Once you’ve assembled your Coachella crew, it’s time to upgrade your ride. Ideally one of your friends has decent art skills and can help turn your automobile into a Carpoolchella masterpiece. You don’t need to pimp out your car to be a Carpoolchella winner, but it never hurts and will definitely draw the attention of the festival producers. Once you’ve spruced up your vehicle, remember to print out your Carpoolchella insignia for the dashboard.

Beware, you need to avoid Canadians, New Yorkers, Floridians and anyone under 18 if you want a chance to win. These people might be really cool but could hurt your chances of winning Coachella tickets for life, photo passes or other incredible perks. Don’t hate the player, hate the state/countries that create unfair contest rules that keep you from winning. If you’re unsure about the rules…check ‘em out here.

Step 3 – Cleaning Up In Camping

You’ve pitched your tent and now it’s time to start exploring the camping area. You’re interested in checking out the Energy Playground equipment in the Rose Garden, but didn’t have funds to purchase VIP passes. What’s your next move? The answer is easy: visit the TRASHed Recycling Store! With tens of thousands of thirsty festival goers comes hundreds of thousands of empty bottles/cans. Grab your backpack, tote or just use your shirt. Roll through campgrounds and pick up rogue bottles/cans from your neighbors. They will love you, the campsite will be spotless, and you can exchange all your bottles/cans for cool things like VIP upgrades, Recyclosaurus Rex shirts, refillable water bottles, Ferris Wheel tickets, Coachella posters + more. The more your recycle, the more you can afford at the TRASHed Recycling Store.

Step 4 – Paying Homage To T-Rex

Before we ever existed, dinosaurs occupied this great nation of ours. Thanks to a giant meteorite (or ice age / climate change / etc) there is only one super dinosaur left – Recyclosaurus Rex. After a 9-month stint in rehab, Rex is ready to cut loose and crush, smash and decimate your empty bottles/cans. Normally he prefers a diet of pudgy/slow festival goers but in honor of Earth Month, he’s promised to switch his diet to recyclables. Come honor Recyclosaurus Rex with your empties and take a photo with the sexiest robotic dinosaur in the universe.

Step 5 – Free Refills

When you’re dancing the day and night away in the desert, you’ll need to keep hydrated. Save a few bucks by visiting the Coachella refilling stations or the 10 For 1 Bottle Recycling Center in the main festival grounds. If you don’t have a refillable Coachella water bottle, purchase one at the TRASHed Recycling Store by bringing in recyclables. Once you own a bottle, you’ll receive free refills for the rest of the festival. If you prefer a bottle of water, just pick up 10 empties on the ground and stroll on over to 10 For 1 to get one icy water bottle for free. The center is open late and the water is always cold!

Step 6 – Art Walk

If you didn’t have a chance to visit the TRASHed Coachella exhibit, here’s your opportunity to see the art in person. Spend some time between the band sets to walk the venue and check out the different redesigned recycling bins. Over 60 bins will be on display throughout the Polo Fields. Besides being incredible pieces of art, they are also very handy if you need to recycle that empty can or water bottle!

Step 7 – Get Energized In The Rose Garden

Once you’ve scored your VIP upgrade by recycling, come visit the Energy Playground in the Rose Garden. This may be the nicest place in the venue to hang out and enjoy music for a minute. If you’re looking for a better venue of the festival grounds, it’s time to jump on the Energy Seesaws and Swing Set. This re-engineered playground equipment will energize your phones and cameras as you ride high. Relive your childhood and enjoy taking a few snapshots as you hover over the Polo Fields. Once you’re done, check out the Think Big mini bin exhibit and chat up some of the TRASHed artists who will be painting live.

Step 8 – The Oasis

Join Global Inheritance at the Oasis for some refreshing insight on the future of drinking water. Enjoy shots of desalinated ocean water, Los Angeles wastewater, Oregon rainwater, Colorado River water + more. Talk with the scientists/bartenders about where your current water comes from and what’s on tap for tomorrow. Shots are free when you fill out a water survey/test. The Global Inheritance Polar Bears will host happy hours at the Oasis. If you’ve never taken shots of glacier water with a polar bear, you haven’t lived life to its fullest.

Step 9 – Book Your Return Ticket For 2014

You’ve explored every inch of the festival grounds, met with everyone and anyone, seen the biggest bands known to man – now it’s time to get your passes for 2014. The TRASHed Recycling Store is offering (2) Coachella 2014 VIP passes for anyone recycling 500+ bottles. This is a random drawing. If you’re a rockstar recycler, you’ll receive a raffle ticket, and winners will be announced at 8pm at the TRASHed Recycling Store Sunday evening. Perhaps you don’t have to recycle that many bottles since you already scored tickets for life by getting your Carpoolchella car selected or better yet, maybe you’re planning to submit art samples and get TRASHed in 2014 by designing a recycling bin. Either way, we hope you enjoy yourself this April at the festival or will make plans to join us in 2014!

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