Global Inheritance + Coachella

The Rundown

In 2004, Global Inheritance pitched the idea of redesigning recycling bins for the Coachella Valley Music & Arts festival grounds. The festival agreed, and this was the beginning of a unique partnership between music festival and nonprofit organization – a relationship which has helped produce a multitude of unique experiences. Over 10 years later, Coachella + Global Inheritance continue to work together to push the envelope in interactive, environmental, and educational programming.

The Goals

With a shared passion for fostering creativity and imagination, Global Inheritance + Coachella’s major goal is to design interactive programs that can be integrated seamlessly into the festival experience. The mission for every program is to create a meaningful experience that people can share with other festival attendees and/or friends, family and people outside the festival. We want to reward festival attendees who approach issues with a positive mindset and adopt practices (like carpooling, recycling, conserving energy usage, embracing renewable energy sources and other likeminded ideas) in their everyday life.


The Approach

Our nonprofit organization works closely with Coachella to find news ways to reach and inspire festival attendees. Every year, we look to improve existing programs while developing new campaigns to connect with wider audience. We take careful consideration in ensuring the programs fit the festival audience and have a positive impact – for both those directly participating as well as the community of attendees as a whole.

The Programs Created

Recyclosaurus Rex

This 25 ft tall and 40 ft long bottle and can crushing T-Rex devoured recyclables to help keep the festival grounds clean.

Saving Nature Arcade

A solar powered arcade designed to bring awareness to major world issues by recreating 8-bit classics. Play and win on a number of arcade games including No Impact Man, Waste Invaders, Water Patrol, Urban Frogger, and Dangerous Dig.

Portal Potties

Redesigned Porta Potties took people back in time as a century of music was celebrated to help support music programs in Southern California public schools.

18 & Up

Golf carts are re-engineered to run off sustainable energy including solar, wind, biodiesel, ethanol + more. Each golf cart is designed to match a different Coachella band.

10 for 1

Bring in 10 empty bottles and receive a cold bottle of water for free.

Recycling Store

Recyclables are the only currency accepted. Purchase festival merchandise, food vouchers, tickets, upgrades and more – just by recycling your bottles and cans at the festival.


Carpool with 4 or more friends, place a Carpoolchella badge on your car, and possibly win amazing prizes! You can even score Coachella passes for life!

Art of Recyling

Artists redesign 65 gallon recycling bins. These interactive bins are displayed throughout Coachella and then donated to schools after the festival.

Energy FACTory

Exploratory energy museum, where festival attendees can learn about the latest advances in energy and ways to lower their footprint. Exhibits included bike charging misters and cell phones, organic screen printing, solar powered mannequins, biodiesel workshops, + more.

Energy FACTory DJ Mixer

The human powered DJ stage allowed various DJs to play at Coachella, so long as they recruited 35 friends or fans to power their sets. Bikes, hand cranks, swings, seesaws, and human sized Energy Wheels provided the juice for the jams.

Oasis Water Bar

Hydration and education. The Oasis had a number of waters on tap including purified wastewater, rainwater, desalinated ocean water, and more. As festival attendees drank shots of H2O, our bartending scientists told them the stories and future potential of the different types.

Coachella Express

Free train ride made exclusively available for Coachella campers, who didn’t have to drive to the festival. A temporary train station was built in Indio to welcome everyone as they were shuttled to the festival grounds.

A success story

Music festivals around the world continue to grow and attract droves of people, top musicians and artists. It’s a tremendous feel-good experience for millions of people every year. Coachella, itself, has a growing attendance that just recently reached 90,000 people per weekend. As a massive cultural gathering, the event has major caché in getting people excited and giving them an experience of a lifetime.

Festivals are setting trends and have the power to influence the way people act. Coachella, along with many other festivals, has recognized the opportunity in expanding the experience. Organizations like Global Inheritance take this opportunity to reach a large amount of people and inspire them to make small changes that impact the world around them.

Many of the ideas that first took place at Coachella have not only inspired festival attendees but other major festivals and events around the world. Coachella + Global Inheritance programs have been successful in not only limiting the festivals footprint but also in getting millions of people engaged in playing a bigger role to benefit everyone.

  • Global Inheritance has been a major force in challenging the festival and its vendors to look beyond the current environmental solutions. We are proud to call Eric and the Global Inheritance team a partner in educating our crowds year after year.

    Bill Fold Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
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