Start drafting your Carpoolchella designs and rounding up your squad. Carpool to the festival, ride with 4 or more friends, and win Coachella tickets for life plus other amazing prizes.

TRASHed Art of Recycling

Pull your TRASHed Art of Recycling concepts together, submit and possibly win one of 35 festival passes to see your redesigned bin on the polo grounds.

10 For 1 / Recycling Store

Keep the festival grounds free of rogue bottles/cans and get rewarded for your efforts. The Recycling Store offers everyone the opportunity to score Coachella merchandise and experiences – in exchange for recyclables collected onsite.

Poltar the Great

The all-knowing polar bear, will look into the future and read your fortune. Are you trading in your Escalade for an electric car? Will you find romance in camping? Will you ever see a glacier in your lifetime? Poltar knows and tells all about life, love, and the environment.

Energy Playground

Power up your phone on the Playground. Relive your childhood and unplug yourself from the grid.

Recyclosaurus Rex

Stop by and provide a plastic or aluminum offering to Recyclosaurus Rex. Save a bottle, receive protection, and don’t get too close.

For additional info and/or to get involved, email

TRASHed x Coachella

The 2015 Collection

California Schools

After Coachella, the TRASHed Coachella bins will be donated to K-12 schools across California. If you’re an artist, make sure your designs are school-appropriate! :) If you’re looking to secure TRASHed recycling bins for your school, email us for additional info


Poltar The Great Provides Wisdom To All

Poltar, the all-knowing polar bear, traveled from the Great White North to make a special appearance at Coachella 2015 as part of his Saving Nature tour. Festival attendees lined up all day long to listen to his wise words and learn ways to improve the future.

Before receiving permission to speak to Poltar, Coachella festival attendees had to fulfill one of 3 tasks:

– Answer Poltar’s questions about their daily habits
– Write a letter to their future selves for the Coachella time capsule
– Recycle 3 bottles/cans at the Global Inheritance Recycling Store

See what festival attendees told Poltar and how closely that match your own habits.

Mission Accomplished?
Poltar Has Bigger Plans For You

Poltar sees great things in your future. Those lucky enough to receive a fortune from Poltar are also given a special mission and tarot card. Follow Poltar’s instructions, and you will have the opportunity to impact the world. Poltar’s tarot cards shed light on a number of themes, including The Glacier, The Water, The Sun, The Animal, The Ocean, The National Park, The Future, The Air and many others.  If you didn’t attend Coachella this year but are interested in consulting with Poltar or inviting him to your place, email him directly:

See below for Poltar’s fortune art collection, and a few wise words from the great and powerful himself.

Volunteer For Global Inheritance In 2015

Global Inheritance is looking for forward-thinking, motivated, and bright individuals to help us at upcoming festivals + events!

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