Happy Holidays from Global Inheritance

Happy Holidays from Global Inheritance

Dear Friends,

We cannot thank you enough for your support over these past 8 years. Through the peaks and valleys, you’ve provided us a reason to wake up in the morning, create new programs and try to shift the thinking process. We value your words of encouragements or critiques as we try to find a global balance that keeps the world spinning on the right track.

With Environmentaland currently closed for the season, Global Inheritance recommends another outstanding option – National Parks! The Original Gangster of theme parks, National Parks offer more locations, wildlife, vistas, photo ops, thrills, chills and fresh air then a hybrid Mickey, Shamu, Snoopy and Bugs could conjure on their best day.

Rather then ask for money or invest in a flash animation holiday video, we decided to promote one of the coolest perks on earth – The National Parks. One the best investments we made last January was an annual pass for national parks for $80.00. These passes allows you to bring your friends or family to any national park across the country. There’s no limit to your amount of visits and your can bring up to 4 people.
PBS recently ran a series on national parks (now available on Netflix). Although this six episode series is one DVD too long and filled with a couple of cheesy moments, the overall project is incredible and provides you a real history of an amazing idea that has spread worldwide.

Until December 28th, if you purchase a National Parks annual card, Global Inheritance will send you a free organic shirt. Select between design #1: Road Hog, #2: Environmentaland, #3: Polar Eclipse, #4: 18 & Up and #5: Energy FACTory.

How To Claim Your Shirt

All you need is a scan or photo of your annual pass (front/back) along with your shirt size and mailing address. Send those to us via email and you’re all set :: parkithere@globalinheritance.org

If you live outside of North America, please scan and send the equivalent documentation for the national parks in your country.
This offer is only good for people currently in the Global Inheritance database. If you’re currently not in our database and/or want to buy a few shirts to support your favorite NGO, we are offering a holiday special.
Send a $25.00 donation to Global Inheritance and receive an organic cotton shirt and/or
Send a $32.00 donation and we will send you a Bamboo Global Inheritance shirt (includes shipping and handling) until December 31st.

Happy Holidays & Season’s Greetings!

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