Obama Inauguration Quiz! Global Inheritance and Causecast Unite to Test Your Skills

Obama Inauguration Quiz! Global Inheritance and Causecast Unite to Test Your Skills

Causecast will donate $1 per entry to Global Inheritance** so its free, fun and you are raising money without any cash out of your pocket.

1) Visit www.causecast.org/org/global-inheritance . . . read the first news article for all the details. if you need to, watch the video titled “Inauguration Quiz” to learn how to win the prizes.

2) To participate, if you are not a member, join causecast. its simple. Then post your answers to the quiz as a blog on your profile.

3) To blog, its simple. Join Causecast and then click “post blog”. Be sure to title it – ” ‘YOUR NAME’ GI QUIZ” – so we can find it. So for example, “Jane Smith GI Quiz”. Then we’ll have them all in our system to easily find.

4) Submit your entry by 12am (midnight) on January 19th

5) Feeling generous? Make a suggested minimum donation of $5 to Global Inheritance at Causecast.org/org/Global-Inheritance

6) Yes. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and Causecast does not take a fee. ( subject to standard credit card transaction fees). All net proceeds benefit Global Inheritance.

7) Tell Your Friends.

8) Watch the Inauguration

9) Post a blog with your Inauguration reflections to Causecast.org (for extra bonus points awarded by Global Inheritance and Causecast Team…for those of you who feel you may not have guessed the inauguration as well as you thought you would)

10) Wait Patiently and remember 60% LUCK – 30% SKILL 10% EFFORT

11) Winners will be announced on Global Inheritance and Causecast.org in the weeks to follow – stay tuned

**1 entry per person and Causecast will donate $1 per entry up to $1,000.00

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