The future looks bright…if you listen closely to Poltar The Great.

Poltar The Great sees all, knows all, and tells all. The fortune-telling polar bear has traveled from the Great White North to bestow wisdom on millions, shedding light on the future of the planet.

Poltar has journeyed far and wide to inspire people to think about the future and the impact individuals can have on the world. Those who earn a token are able to visit the wise bear and get their fortunes told. His readings look into all aspects of life: the land, the air, the water, the animals, the food, the glaciers and much more.

When you visit Poltar, expect the unexpected. Through real-time conversations with the magnificent bear, learn what the future holds for you and receive some handy advice on everyday life choices. Poltar gifts every visitor with a special fortune card, designed around a major environmental challenge that we face today. With every fortune comes a special mission. Heed Poltar’s words and act wisely, and you’ll unlock the door to more discoveries.

Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. Poltar The Great invites everyone to look into the future and make actions today which will create a better tomorrow for everyone.


  • Who doesn’t love a 9’ tall fortune telling polar bear?
  • Encourages people to make sustainable decisions and actions in a fun and engaging way
  • Provides individuals with a personalized and unique experience that can be shared afterwards with friends
  • Each person who speaks to Poltar receives a special fortune card designed by talented artists
  • Highlights a wide range of global issues with a light-hearted and positive approach

Poltar’s fortune art collection, and a few wise words from the great and powerful himself

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