Global Inheritance + Prius/Rav4

The Rundown

Starting in 2010, Global Inheritance and Toyota’s electric vehicles partnered together to bring creative programs to festivals and events around the country. Through human powered experiences – slot car races and Energy Playgrounds – the collaboration encouraged people to generate their own electricity, while learning about energy needs and consumption.

The Goals

Global Inheritance + Toyota had a shared objective of raising energy awareness amongst people of all ages. We also wanted this experience to include a high element of interaction and fun within Toyota’s existing presence at events.

Creating Energy Awareness
Creating Engagement

The Approach

Leveraging Toyota’s existing onsite activation areas at major festivals and events, Global Inheritance custom designed tour friendly programs, which fit easily into the company’s needs and objectives. The energy programs provided the perfect attraction to educate, inspire and drive foot traffic to the area, while generating excitement and electricity.

The Programs Created

Human Powered Slot Cars

Ever wondered what it would be like to race through the state of California in under 60 seconds without having to fuel up? Well forget Formula One or Nascar because Global Inheritance and Toyota RAV4 partnered up to present a one-of-a-kind racing experience. With 4 specially outfitted Tour de Energy bikes, 4 slot cars and one giant custom designed California slot car course, this cannonball run cruised from north to south, rallying support for alternative energy. In teams of 2, racers cycled and generated electricity to power the slot cars and sped through famous California sites. With their own pedal power as an energy source, participants bolted in slot cars from San Francisco to San Diego and from Mt. Shasta to Palm Desert in just seconds!

Energy Playground

Rethink the way you create, manage, and store energy! Touring through festivals across the country, the Prius Energy Playground rewarded event goers for generating their own electricity. Run on the Energy Wheel to power an LED light tower and score a prize. Pedal on Tour de Energy Bikes or hop on Energy Seesaws to power a snow cone machine. In exchange for a bit of time and sweat, you receive an icy, cool treat. Gracing the festival grounds of Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Voodoo Music Experience, Bumbershoot, and Music Midtown, the Energy Playground left a powerful impression and lasting memory with people all over the U.S.

A success story

Toyota + Global Inheritance worked to educate millions across the country on energy consumption and the benefits of electric vehicles. Between 2010 – 2013, the partnership brought one-of-a-kind programs to nearly 20 events. The result was a highly interactive, competitive experience focused around people – young and old – generating their own energy to come out ahead.

The human powered experiences created through this partnership helped people to understand today’s current energy crises. There’s no easy solution, but there are many steps we can all take in curing this issue. The programs helped people to take that first step and introduced them to alternative energy and energy-friendly technology. Through fun, action, and energy creation, people began to understand the positive impact their decisions can make.

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