Global Inheritance + SCAQMD

The Rundown

In 2013, the Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), a government agency, contacted Global Inheritance to develop programming for their annual A World We Can Change Conference in Long Beach. The collaboration inspired thousands of high school students to rethink their daily decisions when it comes to energy use. Through a playground-powered DJ mixer, creative comic books, and a Human Hamster Wheel Light Challenge, Global Inheritance educated and engaged California teens on different energy sources and sustainable living.

The Goals

With both Global Inheritance and SCAQMD residing in the Los Angeles region, the partnering organizations believed in promoting cleaner air and a cleaner environment. We wanted to highlight ways for students to make smarter decisions to improve the air quality and quality of life within their own communities. In order to speak to the interests of the high school demographic, we also needed to bring a level of excitement and interaction to the educational conference.


The Approach

Understanding well the challenges of engaging high school students and generating support for educational initiatives, Global Inheritance pulled together all the areas of interest for students including art, music, and technology. Working closely with the government organization to make it happen, our nonprofit focused on bringing live, creative, end experiential elements to an educational topic.

The Programs Created


The “A World We Can Change” expo kicked off with a 5 hour Energy DJ session featuring Cydney Sheffield and Valida from KCRW. These DJ’s produced an amazing set powered by 20 Tour De Energy Bikes and 2 Energy See Saws. Students and teachers provided the necessary power to keep the concert going throughout the day. The harder the kids played, the more energy they created, and the louder the Long Beach arena rocked.


Over 7,000 comic books were placed inside of backpacks the students received from the conference. The books featured illustrated human versions of 14 different energy sources, along with bios and battle scenes. The comics tell the pros and cons of each energy type and the continuous power struggles between them. ​

A success story

The SCAQMD high school conference proved to students that learning can be the best part of their day. As friends worked together to bring music to the conference, they felt the power of their individual and group efforts. As students flipped through the pages of a ‘powerful’ comic book, they learned about everything from solar and petroleum to natural gas and ethanol. The lessons and experience provided through the Energy DJ Mixer and the Energy Battle Royal aren’t something these students can acquire through their classroom lectures or textbooks. Global Inheritance’s programs became a valuable compliment and addition to a great educational platform, which inspires students to think about their futures.

  • Global Inheritance connected more than 7,000 high school students to air pollution issues through their Energy Playground at our event. It was a phenomenal experience to hear the buzz as students kinetically powered a DJ booth by riding bikes. Global not only inspired them to learn more about lifestyle choices that help to clean the air, but they also had a great time. Who knew school could be so much fun?

    Lisha B. Smith Deputy Executive Officer • South Coast Air Quality Management District
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