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T-Rex Project Breaks Ground (and bottles/cans)

February 3, 20122 Comments

This 20 ft high, half robot/half dinosaur, will be roaming the Coachella festival grounds looking for hand outs. We request that you please feed him. His diet is empty is bottles/cans… and possibly fingers depending on how close you get to him (so watch out). We are anticipating one fat T-Rex after the two sold out festivals. To help with his waistline, we are integrating a digestive system that will allow him to take giant square T-Rex droppings.

Right now, we are offering a special Coachella prize pack for the person who comes up with the best idea on how to use the dino-droppings onsite. Each dropping will be similar in size to a bale of hay.


2 comments to “T-Rex Project Breaks Ground (and bottles/cans)”

  1. chase | February 6, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    you should construct a stage out of the droppings at the end of each weekend.
    or you could build an igloo of some sorts. im sure it would be well insulated, you could serve beer out of it.
    reconstruct stone hinge with the trash?
    how about a haunted house?
    huge step pyramid would be simple
    how about an oversized novelty trash can thats also somehow functional ?

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