Global Inheritance + The North Face

The Rundown

In an effort to drive outdoor participation amongst urbanites, Global Inheritance + The North Face partnered from 2010 – 2012 to bring the outdoors to the city. Through Outdoor Nation events, our nonprofit organization created programs to help promote active living in a number of American cities.

The Goals

As a founding partner of Outdoor Nation, The North Face (along with National Park Service, The Conservation Fund, and REI) were looking for collaborators to inspire people to enjoy the open air. With a shared fondness for nature and the Great Outdoors, it became an objective of Global Inheritance’s partnership to drive participation in outdoor activity. Another major goal of both parties was to raise awareness on the amazing natural places available to everyone in the U.S.


The Approach

Global Inheritance designed a participation driven rewards program to generate excitement at these free public events. Utilizing visual arts and design, the organization helped to create unique graphics to help highlight the issues at hand (whether it be national parks, famous natural sites, or endangered species). As a way to help newcomers take their next step into the outdoors, all the rewards for the passport program focused on supplies for their next adventures. The nonprofit organization worked closely with The North Face’s Corporate Responsibility and Events teams to ensure the programs created were fully integrated and helped bring together all other activities involved in the events.

The Programs Created

Outdoors Passport Program

City residents explore urban parks in their quest to conquer the Great Outdoors! Everyone – including the young, the old, the adventurer, and the risk averse – got active. Through kayaking, rock climbing, fishing, pitching tents, biking, and many other activities, Outdoor Nation participants were able to collect passport points. Adventurers could visit the Passport Exchange Center to cash out their points for The North Face tents, sleeping bags, outdoor jackets, refillable water bottles, backpacks + more.

Screen Printed Parks Posters

In an effort to highlight famous natural sites and animal species found in the wild, Global Inheritance invited artists to create custom themed illustrations to be screen printed onto t-shirts and posters. Outdoor Nation participants could choose posters, which included graphics and facts on places like Mt. Everest, Half Dome in Yosemite, and Denali in Glacier National Park. T-shirts were also available with illustrations of foxes and deer… bats and owls. The artwork helped to remind people of all the amazing things to see and experience in nature.

Energy Duathlon

To show people the fun and rewarding feeling of being active, Global Inheritance designed an Energy Duathlon. Those who ran on a human sized Energy Wheel and pedaled on our Energy Bikes for 5 minutes each were rewarded with a free snow cone, powered by their own kinetic energy.

A success story

Creating an equal balance between man and nature is paramount for our future generations. Over many years of working with The North Face, Global Inheritance has provided many people the opportunity to experience a taste of all the amazing things nature has to offer. The nonprofit’s programs have engaged local communities and residents of New York, San Francisco, Denver, and Atlanta, reminding individuals to “Never Stop Exploring.” Through the partnership, the organization was able to find creative ways to get people back outside. It was a success in promoting active living, showing people the joys of open air and open spaces, and educating them about nature, preservation, and the Great Outdoors.

  • Global Inheritance has helped The North Face combine our event and sustainability efforts to create unique experiences for our consumers. Their passion to inspire youth with creativity and sustainability is world class.

    Aaron Carpenter VP of Marketing • The North Face
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