Global Inheritance’s water mission starts with the individual. The initiatives focus on inspiring people to make changes in their own water habits, expand their understanding of current water challenges, and learn about innovative water solutions. The Oasis is an interactive program designed to educate people about how new technologies and approaches to resource management are shaping the future of tap water. The experience is lead by scientists who weave together a cohesive story of local and global water use issues, while guiding visitors through a sampling of drinking water with differing origins. The Rain Supreme initiative leverages the attention grabbing power of art to promote the installation of rain catchment systems to home owners and business leaders throughout the region. This campaign is anchored by public art exhibits of customized rain barrels, commissioned by Global Inheritance and designed by high profile artists who share a passion for taking action on environmental issues. Workshops showcasing best practices for installing collection systems and utilizing the rain water deepen the educational footprint of the initiative.Through hydration, education, art, and unique experiences, Global Inheritance’s thought-quenching water programs aim to cause a ripple effect of change around the world.

Help Global Inheritance + California artists battle the worst drought in our state’s history and redesign the way people save water! Dubbed “Godzilla El Niño,” this year’s forthcoming weather patterns are forecasted to be the strongest on record. The anticipated downpour offers affected communities the opportunity to collect and store water to be reused for our daily watering needs. Global Inheritance is partnering with artists and creatives across California to redesign rain barrels to tour across Southern California. These art and water conservation exhibits will provide attendees the opportunity to view the Rain Supreme collection as well as order their own rain barrels, find out about rain barrel rebate/discount programs in their communities and learn from water conversationists on best practices and installation tips for their homes. After exhibition, the barrels will be auctioned off to support Global Inheritance’s interactive water education programs.

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The drought has hit hard in recent years, leaving individuals and communities in California and the Southwest asking themselves how they can help. With the average roof collecting about 600 gallons of water for every inch of rain, rain barrels are one of the simplest and cheapest ways for local households to do their part in conserving H2O. Rain Supreme takes an artistic and interactive approach in highlighting the small steps individuals can take to create a broader environmental impact. Global Inheritance encourages all businesses, schools and government agencies to rethink our everyday water habits and maximize our water conservation efforts in the future.


  • Bring the Rain Supreme exhibit and water conservation workshop to your city, business, gallery, campus, or event space.
  • Spread the word, and get others involved. Share the Rain Supreme initiative with friends, family and co-workers.
  • Sponsor a Rain Supreme event, rain barrel or artist.
  • Send us your design concepts and ideas for a rain barrel to be considered as a Rain Supreme artist. All designs will be considered.
  • Contribute to the program, and make a tax deductible contribution towards this educational initiative.
  • Looking to get involved in any capacity? Contact us today!


The Oasis Water Bar is a refreshing and interactive opportunity for people to understand the water challenges we face and the possible solutions for tomorrow. Launched in 2013 at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, the initiative provides a unique perspective on one of the most pressing and growing issues of our time.

People experience the Oasis through several mediums including an interactive bar, serving water from a variety of sources. As participants taste shots of various water types (anything from purified wastewater to desalinated ocean water), they hear the story behind each one (how it was sourced and filtered and its potential for the future). Through signage, live demonstrations and conversations with our bartending scientists, visitors learn about water related issues – including innovation and conservation. Bar patrons begin to understand the value behind this precious resource, as they hear interesting water facts such as “Less than 1% of our planet’s water is drinkable.” Water usage tips are also recommended, so everyone can walk way with ideas or solutions.

The Oasis Water Bar is the first step in a larger conversation. Learn about and get involved in upcoming water education initiatives. Help us tap into people’s ability to make positive change in their daily water habits. Be a part of the solution, and join Global Inheritance.



  • Encourages people to understand water consumption and the value of water
  • Serves as a starting point in getting people invested in the issue
  • Highly interactive and thought-provoking
  • Inspires individuals to take action now. Everyone interacts with water daily so there is no barrier of entry to start making changes in your life
  • Leaves a lasting impression and memory
  • Water is the source of all life. It’s one of our biggest commodities, and the Oasis Water Bar motivates people to treat it as such
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  • Who knew that 75% of employees asked are willing to drink purified waste water? Now we do! The Oasis Water Bar is a fun, interactive way to have critical conversations about water sources and issues, especially important during this time of crisis in Southern California.

    Heidi Kindberg GossManager, Environmental Sustainability - Sony Pictures

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