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Global Inheritance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization developing creative experiences that inspire individuals to take action on global environmental and social issues.



If you have ever attended the Coachella Music & Arts Festival, chances are you probably participated in a Global Inheritance program.

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Plastic Surgery

At a time when the world is drowning in plastic, Global Inheritance is working hard to help cut plastic out of our lives, one patient at a...

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Our original energy programs teach people the differences between energy sources and their future potential.

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Get TRASHed (Trash Education)! Recycling is the gateway to getting people to play a larger role in solving environmental problems. Everyone can recycle, reduce and reuse....

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The Global Inheritance Experience


In the words of Mary Poppins, "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and ‘snap’, the job’s a game.” In order to save our planet from ourselves, there’s a lot of hard work that lies ahead. If there’s an element of fun, there’s a wider audience ready to sign up, more sharable memories, and a higher likelihood that people will commit to finishing the job.


Global Inheritance's mission since day one has been to use creativity to inspire others to act. If it’s generating energy through playground equipment, talking to a fortune-telling Polar Bear about the future of the planet, or even exchanging recyclables for a new snowboard, all of our experiences are built to tap into the people’s desire to feel empowered and create change.


No Global Inheritance program is complete without audience participation. This is by far the most important component. Our process is rooted in the first-hand experience of participating in programs that benefit both the individual and the planet.


Promoting common sense to all audiences is a trademark of the organization. Global Inheritance is not looking to preach to the converted, but offer all audiences the opportunity to rise to the occasion. In order to successfully use this template, all of our programs are designed to inspire people to think outside the box. That’s where people feel less restricted by social pressures and where often many of the best ideas are found.


It's a challenge to get a voice in any segment, but more so when it's among top talent at high energy events. We achieve this high visibility by making a human connection through the act of participation. Our programs are the most memorable and talked about activities at any event because of the global community – even family – what we help establish. It's the greatest voice one can have.


Who wouldn’t find a 25-foot Robotic Bottle/Can-crushing T-Rex mind blowing? Through art, interactivity, technology, film, and music, Global Inheritance always looks to keep the conversation interesting while keeping the audience engaged.


Every Global Inheritance initiative gives people the chance to share their moment of inspiration with friends and family everywhere. This is a huge part of why the organization spends so much time activating at music festivals everywhere. Millions of people just like you follow their friends' festival experiences on social media. This provides the ideal platform to broadcast good ideas + environmental solutions.

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