Get Your Power Bill In Shape with Les Watts!

Are you ready to cut out those extra kilowatts and get your home looking and feeling good? Les Watts's home workout video is now available online for free. In under 4 minutes, Les can show you how to reduce your power by up to 60%! In a matter of hours, you can start showing off your slimmed down power meter to neighbors and friends while saving money to purchase that new street bike. These exercises are guaranteed to reduce your energy consumption and collectively our consumption as a planet.

Produced by Global Inheritance, Work Out Your Watts is an energy saving initiative designed to teach you the best exercises in reducing your carbon footprint and improving planetary health. As a result of COVID-19, commuting and the commercial sector shrank as more people worked and studied remotely. From increased screen time, to cooking at home, around-the-clock heaters, and air conditioners - excessive energy is being consumed, and home energy consumption has skyrocketed! Add in the economic and energy impacts of the war in the Ukraine, and households are seeing their energy bill continue to rise. What can you do? Join our WOYW gym today to rethink your energy consumption while receiving the type of training needed to reduce your home energy bill.

The WOYW gym is free to join and offers energy saving tips, work out videos and information on upcoming events. Tell them "Les Watts" sent you and receive a free reusable water bottle (while supplies last).

Start Saving Money Today by Trying These Exercises at Home

Reading Your Home Power Meter

Participate in Les Watts's annual home physical to make sure your maximizing your home workout and not burning empty kilowatts. This exercise can save you time, money and energy! If this workout gets too difficult, remember you can always call your local power company for a spot!

Join the WOYW gym today. Your Wallet and Planet Earth Will Thank You!

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