Posted Mar 23rd 24.
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Global Inheritance News Alert🚨The popular POSTed Studio is expanding at Coachella - adding a Second Stage in the main venue. Join Jaden Smith, Maggie Baird, Plastique Tiara, Robin Greenfield, Leah Thomas, NASA + many more as they share their ideas on improving our world. 

Music Festivals provide the perfect opportunity to meet new people, feel inspired by others, and get creative. This is why we created the POSTed Studio.

Not familiar with POSTed? No problem. Our POSTed Studio is an opportunity to take your passion and creativity to the next level. The POSTed Studio Speaker Stage highlights leaders in the climate, social, and environmental education space who want to share their knowledge and inspire Coachella attendees. After each talk, participants develop a concept for the social or environmental issue that matters most to them. The most creative concepts are then turned into high-quality poster prints designed by professional artists and freely shared via our online poster library to use as wall art, at marches & rallies, in school presentations, and other platforms to amplify that individual's voice so their message can reach around the world.

Any questions on this year’s Coachella Speakers or Poster Redesign Artists? Send us an email!