Posted May 17th 23.
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To all the incredible individuals who made our month in the Coachella Valley feel like a tidal wave of creative and positive energy - thank you! Large events like Coachella and Stagecoach amplify the power of human connection and allow us to unite with others on a shared mission. The unique opportunity to connect with people you may never meet in normal circumstances is what the festival experience is all about, and our job at Global Inheritance is to set the table for you to engage in conversation about the environment and our global society - so thank you for showing up.

Whether it’s energy, transportation, water, plastic, food, recycling, or climate education, our goal at Coachella is the same: invite new audiences into those conversations to spread knowledge and strengthen the message. We like to think of the major social and environmental issues as similar to musical headliners! The passion people feel as they listen to their favorite artists and the urgency they feel to stay on top of new releases translates directly to our shared concern for the climate and the progress we make each day.  

Each Coachella season leaves us with a unique impression and memory that we carry forward. After the three festival weekends, it feels great to say that in 2023, we were left with a strong sense of optimism! Even with a global pandemic in the not-so-distant past, tens of thousands of attendees brought it every day - engaging with passion and excitement to make an impact as individuals and to make progress together.

Perhaps at a future Coachella, a future Stagecoach, or another gathering even sooner -  we can’t wait to see you again.

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