Posted Mar 11th 21.
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Millions of people march for what they believe in every year. They take to the streets, banding together with like-minded people to raise their voices and affect change. Poster art is a platformfor communication - signaling common cause with others and broadcasting messages to those witnessing public demonstrations.Global Inheritance salutes these activists and their creativity.Our mission with POSTed Studio is tomatch these inspiring individuals with professional designers who can recreate their vision andshare it with the world. POSTed offers an ever-expanding archive of issue-based poster art supporting action on the environment andsocial issues produced by activists and artists working together to achieve common goals.This coming Earth Month, Global Inheritance is launching a special edition of POSTed Studio focused onClimate - and what we all can do to protect the planet and the communities most impacted by this accelerating global crisis.Message or email us with your poster ideas and be on the lookout forupcomingPOSTed Studio pop-up eventsand guest artistannouncements!

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