Posted Oct 9th 22.
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Performing all three nights at Desert Daze Music Festival, the first Meat the Beetles show did not disappoint. Sold-out crowds lined up for every hourly seating to experience edible insects up close while learning about their potential in addressing global climate and food security issues. The assembled guests sampled some of our incredible insect dishes – Cricket Lasagna, Manchurian Scorpion, and Superworm Spanish Tortilla among others – and had the opportunity to engage with our educators and Meat the Beetles Chef to learn about and discuss the edible insect revolution.

The crowd response blew our minds. The thoughts of triple-digit waiting lists for a table and insect groupies lining up every day for new menu items were not on our radar – but it turns out people just loved eating insects at our Record Store! It also helps that the health benefits when switching up your diet to include edible insects are massive.

Every Meat the Beetles participant took a survey before and after eating, to track their dining experience. The response was overwhelming and we cannot wait to share the data in the coming days. This program's goal – like all Global Inheritance initiatives – is to offer an experience that can help open your mind and encourage you to think creatively when making personal choices that impact our planet.

This incredible weekend performance was made possible by several rock stars starting with Chef Joseph Yoon and our leadeducator MacKenzie Wade. Thank you to everyone who played an important role in making this experience look, sound, and taste great! Ahuge round of applause for all the illustrators, chefs, educators, servers, set designers, and volunteers who made eachperformance memorable. Also, a huge shout out to the festival staff and attendees who provided energy and open-mindedness to take this journey with us and share it with others.Don't miss the next Meat the Beetles live performance. Be the first to know about future dates by following Global Inheritance on social mediaand by signing up for our newsletter.

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