Posted Jun 14th 23.
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Are you ready to revamp your office, school, or home walls? Global Inheritance and the Coachella Music & Arts Festival hosted multiple POSTed Studio locations this past April to empower music fans to design poster concepts around our biggest environmental challenges. A handful of those concepts were selected as inspiration for the professional artists who designed our most recent POSTed Studio collection. 

We are excited to announce the first round of POSTed Studio x Coachella 2023 poster drops featuring the following designers:

• Beatriz Souza •Andreea Dumuta • Lydia Silver •María Jesús Contreras • Joby Harris • Kaelyn Richards •Hana Eunjin Yean •Sergio Vazquez •Kris Sharabinskaia •Loïc Lusnia •GOSTI •Evangeline Gallagher •Angel Miranda •

Posters don't fix problems on their own but they do hold a unique power 

Posters have helped shape the culture of our world by visualizing our collective messages of hope, optimism, change, and empowerment. The POSTed Studio taps into that power by bringing together inspired individuals and professional designers to create powerful posters around the world’s greatest challenges.

Download the original artwork and showcase your exclusive POSTed Studio Edition at school, as wall art, in marches or rallies, or for other non-commercial purposes that promote the messages embedded within the artwork. 

Click on this link to view our first POSTed Studio x Coachella 2023 poster drop and stay POSTed for more!