Posted Feb 7th 22.
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We are excited to announce that Global Inheritance is now acceptingCoachella Music & Arts Festival+Stagecoach Music Festivalvolunteer, intern, and manager applications.After a 2-year hiatus, Coachella and Stagecoach return to sunny Southern California in April 2022. Experience one of the world's biggest music festivals behind the scenes with your friends at Global Inheritance while empowering thousands of festival-goers to make a bigger commitment to supporting our planet.If you're passionate about the environment, social change, and educating others to feel the same, consider joining our forces! Global Inheritance is here to inspire, spotlight different ways people can contribute, and invest in what matters most... our future.Since 2004, Global Inheritance has brought environmental and social cause programming to Coachella to empower festival-goers to take action beyond the festival grounds. We depend on superstars like yourself to broaden our impact and make lasting impressions.Coachella X Global Inheritance 2022 programs include POSTed Studio, POSTed Studio Speaker Series, Art of Recycling, 10 for 1/Recycling Store, Energy Playground, and Carpoolchella.Stagecoach X Global Inheritance 2022 programs include Plastic Surgery, Art of Recycling, 10 for 1/Recycling Store, Energy Playground, and Carpool Convoy.Also, to get a feel of the programs in action, viewCoachella 2019 photo galleryand theStagecoach 2019 photo gallery.Register now for a possible volunteer, intern, or staff position! Apply here!Also, remember to let us know if you excel in any of the following areas.- Festival Production Experience- Project Management- Social media- Organizations Skills- Merchandise Design or Production- Photography & Lightroom- Video/Video Editing- Adobe Creative Cloud- Environmental Major Or Professional- Electrical or Mechanical Engineering Skills- Accounting- Zero Waste Leader- Typing Skills- A/V Experience- Experience Working Events/Festivals- Camping And Outdoors Skills- Fine Art SkillsIf you've volunteered for Coachella and/Stagecoach before, please us