Posted May 11th 21.
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You've made our life difficult by sharing your uniquely creative ideas for fixing the future and the importance of cleaning up our planet before Earth Day 2121

There are still a few weeks before we begin announcing the most creative concepts, so we figured it couldn't hurt to share some of our favorites in the meantime.

Sharing your thoughts and beliefs on these issues with family, friends and acquaintances remains one of our most potent tools in the fight against climate change. When viewed through the lens of social media, every conversation seems hopelessly politicalized and ineffective at changing minds. Addressing climate change requires a different approach - the politics of persuasion - which begins with face-to-face interactions between people who trust and care about one another, even when they disagree.

Hopefully, the POSTed Studio Earth Day 2121 campaign encourages a few more people to have these important conversations, and build support for people and policies that create a sustainable path for the future of our civilization. Everything we create today impacts all of the people who will be born tomorrow. Together we can make our history matter!