Posted Apr 5th 21.
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Our way of life these past 14 months has changedconsiderably. Lifestylehabitslikecommutingto work or holiday air travel were deeply and immediately impacted by this pandemic.Reports show that global carbon emissions were reduced by over 6% in 2020by our action… or rather, inaction. During that same period, plastic consumption has exploded. People are relying on plastic by the pound to follow WHOguidelines, which is understandable, but also because it's easy, fast, and cheap. Those three words create a lot of trouble for the planet, and by extension - every living thing. So what can you do?There is no quick fix, but signing up forPlastic Surgery this Earth Day cangive you a whole new way of looking at plastic.Global Inheritance'sPlastic Surgeryinitiativereduces your dependency on plastic by offering you professional advice andalternativesfrom our highlytrainedteam of PlasticSurgeons.Every patient receives aone-on-one consultationwith a Plastic Surgeon/Zero Waste Expert to discuss their relationship with plastic and suggest direct actions tohelp cut plastic out of theirlives.After visiting with the Plastic Surgeon, you will receive a prescription for ourPlastic-free Pharmacyto put you on the path to recovery. A number of leading plastic-free brands areavailablein our pharmacy for free (or at a deepdiscount.) Brands that have been featuredin ourpharmacyinclude ChicoBag Company,Dropps®,Final, LUSH, Bee's Wrap,Stasher, Natracare, U-Konserve, and more!Treat yourself to a new look this Earth Day by signing up forPlasticSurgery. A world with less plastic benefits all life on our planet. You only need to follow the doctor's order. Schedule aFree Plastic Surgery appointmenttoday, and give Mother Earth a gift she won't forget.