Posted Apr 22nd 21.
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Can You Predict the Future of Earth Day Set your imagination for 100 years in the future, and describe what you see using your creativity.Create a shareable poster concept capturing your predictions about climate change using words, pictures, drawings, or digital tools, and you can win prizes like tickets to upcoming Goldenvoiceshows, Monty's Good Burgergift card,and even JuneShine for your whole office.

Will climate change get better or worse in 100 years? Are you counting on techno-futurism to geoengineer a utopian tomorrow, or will status quo bias lead to a dystopian catastrophe?

This Earth Day we will explore and express the views people have about climate change by translating them into an original artwork. As society confronts increasing evidence that our global climate system in a state of flux, how we process and understand the issue and solutions varies dramatically. Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about our chances of establishing an equitable and sustainable world?

This Earth Day 2021 collection of POSTed Editions will be a representation of a future that is ours to create - but who will lead the way? By crowdsourcing creative concepts that visualize our speculative future, we can reveal insights about our odds. For example, if we imagine 100 concepts are submitted, and those concepts were weighted 60%-40% in favor of optimism - we will curate the most compelling concepts matching that ratio - 6 optimistic and 4 pessimistic. The distinction in outlooks and the manner in which they are expressed artistically will encourage personal reflection and stimulate conversations about how we can move more people towards optimism - the necessary ingredient for achieving progress.

Upload the poster concepts you've come up with byApril 30thto the Earth Day 2121 web page.You can submit as many ideas as you want to share with the world, but all poster concepts must be received prior to the deadline for consideration.

Prizes awarded for the most creative poster concepts include:


A pair of tickets to (10) Goldenvoice shows of their choice

+ $100 Monty's Good Burger Gift Card


A pair of tickets to (5) Goldenvoice shows of their choice

+ $50Monty's Good Burger Gift Card


A pair of tickets to (2) Goldenvoice shows of their choice

+ $25 Monty's Good Burger Gift Card

For design and creativeagencies, the best poster concept will receive a six-month supply of JuneShine for their office!

Prize winners and the collection of redesigned posters will be shared on May 25, 2021.

Submit your concept today -