Posted May 27th 21.
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Earth Day 2121 is our distant future, but our action today will shape the planet we inhabit tomorrow. A thriving, healthy future depends on making a global effort to correct the past we inherited and consider the bigger picture.Today we are sharing our very first release of POSTed Editions from our Earth Day 2121 campaign, featuring poster concepts with redesigns headlined by Jacob Livengood, Milli-Jane Pooley, David Swift, Nibera- Bernarda Conic,and Mercedes Bazan. These posters are meant to inspire people to prioritize the health of our planet. Poster don't fix problems on their own, but they do highlight critical issues in a unique way - bringing new minds and creative voices into the effort to find solutions. Our nextEarth Day 2121 poster drop is scheduled for June 2nd. Downloadable links to every poster created during this Posted Studio campaign will be available on the POSTed Studio and Global Inheritance websites in the coming weeks.Thank you to our inspiring redesign artists Timothy Doyle, Mercedes Bazan, Jacob Livengood, Maggie Chiang, Luke McGarry, Nibera-Bernarda Conic, David Swift, Wane Kan, Casey McGonagle, and Milli Jane, andthank you to all the concept artists too.Also, special thanks to our partners Goldenvoice, Monty's Good Burger, Propeller, and Juneshine.