Posted Nov 14th 21.
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The film and television industry impacts how we see the world, find connection through storytelling, and offers us the opportunity to experience the perspective of diverse communitiesacross the globe.

Global Inheritance is excited to announce our partnership with the Sustainable Production Alliance (SPA)andProducers Guild Of America (PGA) to develop a collection of artwork featuring environmental messaging to appear onscreen, in future productions. Members of the SPA includeAmazon Studios, Amblin Partners, Disney, Fox Corp., NBCUniversal, Netflix, Participant, Sony Pictures Entertainment, ViacomCBS, and WarnerMedia.

The collection of artwork will bedevelopedthrough our POSTed Studio program - whichis designed toamplify the visibility of important ideas by leveraging collective creativity as a source of inspiration and persuasion.

The next time you watch your favorite director or TV show, you may recognize a billboard, bus shelter sign, college dorm room, or other settings with environmental art designed by your favorite artists. Webelieve that this valuable opportunity to embed these themes on screen provides a unique platform for communicating about environmental issues with audiences everywhere.

Thisinitiative unites the public with professional artists to gain knowledge about our biggest environmental challenges and collaboratively create artwork that seeks to shift publicopinion. To learn more about Global Inheritance's POSTed Studio program, or to submit your art portfolio and get involved, please send us an email.