Posted Oct 1st 21.
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Festivals across the planet are no longer putting plastic bottles on the line-up and instead replacing them with aluminumcans. This is bad news for plastic companies and great news for our can crushers!This September, Global Inheritance released its newest series of Can Crushers at Governors Ball with help fromJuneShine and 1% For The Planet. Can crushing is not only a good workout and major stress-relief, but it maximizesavailable space inside bags for recycling and makes it easier for recycling centers to distinguish.It has never been cheaper, faster or more energy-efficient to recycle aluminum than it is today. Aluminum cans are 100%recyclable, making them the most recyclable (and valuable) of all materials. The aluminum can you toss into yourrecycling bin today has the ability to be completely recycled and back on the store shelf in just 60 days!