Posted Apr 4th 22.
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Environmental education and climate change weren't a high priority for major festivals and events back in 2004. In the 19 years since, Coachella and Global Inheritance have collaborated to elevate the level of importance that festivals and attendees assign to the environment. Through ongoing investments of time and resources we continue to inspire diverse audiences, and other festivals around the world,to play a larger role in supporting the health of our planet.Of course, none of these positive gains are possible without all the incredibly dedicated people - volunteers, artists, designers, festival staff, partners, and fans! - who contribute to making each year better than the last. As the festival season is about to kick off, we are extremely excited to share this year's programming lineup.

POSTed Studio

Every good idea starts somewhere. The POSTed Studio invites festival attendees to create concept art for posters that advocate for solutions to major environmental challenges facing the planet. These rough concepts are provided to professional artists for them to redesign - amplifying that individual's voice so their message can be shared worldwide.The POSTed collectionis available online for download and can be used in schools, rallies, or simply displayed as art.

TRASHed Coachella: Art of Recycling

Art of Recycling offers talented artists the opportunity to turn ordinary recycling bins into works of art that inspire people across the globe to see the beauty in recycling.Over 50 artists are designing this year's unbelievable collection, which will grace the polo grounds both weekends. Don't forget to photograph and share your favorites!

POSTed Studio Speaker Stage

Starting Thursday in Camping, the POSTed Studio speaker stage will feature a number of special guests whose stories and works will spark your creativity. Format changes based on speakers - from Q/A to Ted Talk format to Show and Tell and Workshops. Expect to see some of your favorite artists and environmentalists, including Bonnie Wright,Danni Washington, Maggie Baird, Nic Adler, Sophia Kianni and Sutu, take the stage. If you're looking for a different type of experience, consider one of our interactive workshops - including Plastic Surgery and Meat the Beetles. Every talk or workshop is followed by a POSTed Studio design session where we will give away prizes for the best poster concept based on the most recent talk/workshop.


Carpoolchella is about the journey and the destination. Festival attendees curate their crew of 4 or more carpoolers to save on gas, money, CO2 emissions AND the chance to win prizes - including VIP Coachella passes for life! Carpoolchella participants travel from all corners of the Earth to promote the idea that riding with friends is the only way to travel! This year, Global Inheritance is hosting a Carpoolchella design challenge exclusively for Coachella campers.

Energy Playground

The Energy Playground powers up the crowd and charges your phones! Global Inheritance's Energy SeeSaws allows festival attendees to learn about energy from the best seat in the house! Since 2007, Global Inheritance has developed different kinetic energy generating experiences to empower music fans. Outside of earning an extra bar on your phone, the Energy SeeSaws offers people the chance to burn off those late-night grilled cheese sandwiches!

Recycling Store/10 for 1 Bottle Exchange

Leave no bottle, can, or cup behind! Coachella attendees in the main venue and campgrounds trade in bottles, cans, and cups for upgrades, exclusive merchandise, festival experiences, food vouchers, cold water + more. Recyclers even have a unique opportunity to exchange full bags of recyclables for a chance to win a special Coachella prize package during Recycling Sundays.

Recycling is an easy opportunityto show that you care while earning a few extra karma points. Don't forget to test your strength with one of our specialized Can Crushers.