Posted Sep 22nd 22.
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Today we are sharing theentire collection of POSTed Editions inspired by THE TERRITORYand the Uru-eu-wau-wau people who protect the rainforest.These posters –in both English and Portuguese– are now available to freely download and display to help raise awareness of these important issues at home and abroad. These posters were created to inspire people to prioritize our planet's health and provide a voice to all living things. Posters don't fix problems on their own, but they do highlight critical issues in a unique way - bringing new minds and creative voices into the effort to find solutions.

Headlining POSTed Studio Redesign Artists Include:

Augusto Zambonato, Beatriz Souza, Camila Gray, Denis Freitas, Henrique Petrus, Davi Augusto, Camila Rosa, Hugo Alberto, Paula Cruz, and Diego Abreu

Downloadable links to every poster created during this Posted Studio campaign are available on the POSTed Studio and Global Inheritance websites. These posters are available for school presentations, marches, rallies, personal displays, and other non-commercial uses.

Download POSTed CollectionHERE

A special thank you to National Geographic Documentary Films and Picturehouse for supporting this project. To Alex Pritz (Director), Gabriel Uchida (Producer), and Txai Suruí (Executive Producer) – we are immensely grateful that you sharedyour knowledge and passion in defense of the Amazon and in support of the indigenous people who risk their lives to stop the large scale farming and ranching, deforestation, illegal logging/mining, removal and killing of indigenous people, and other potential threats.Finally, to every person who was inspired to create the concepts that inspired the work of our POSTed Studio Artists – your creativity and commitment is an inspiration for our team and fellow humans around the world. Thank you!