Posted Jun 14th 22.
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Global Inheritance and the Coachella Music & Arts festival hosted multiple POSTed Studio locations in April to encourage festival attendees to design poster concepts around our biggest global challenges. A handful of those concepts were then selected as inspiration for the professional illustrators and designers who designed these recent additions to the POSTed collection.We are excited to announce our first of two POSTed Studio x Coachella 2022 poster drops featuring the following poster designers.

Kokab ZD, Gustavo Magalhaes, Matthew Fleming, Brandon Sopinsky, Maria Oz, Nigel Sussman, Stacie Carver, Doaly, Ashley Dreyfus, Jim “Taz” Evans, Zack Wolfe,and Jeana Hadley.

Posters don't fix problems on their own, but they do highlight critical issues in a unique way - bringing new minds and creative voices into the effort to find solutions. This poster drop includes links to download the original artwork for use at marches & rallies, in schools presentations, for personal display, or for other non-commercial purposes that promote the messages embedded within the artwork. Check out some of the powerful messaging and creative transformations and stay POSTed for more.

View + Download Posters Here