Posted Jun 5th 21.
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Today marks World Environment Day. A day to encourage awareness and action for the protection of our environment. We figured this was the perfect day to share the full collection of Earth Day 2121 posters,and the link to download.The collection of Earth Day 2121 posters presents visions of what tomorrow looks like through the eyes of different people - some see aplanet filled with hope, othersa dire situation where our world is on life support. Remember, the outcome is up to you. Our past, our present, and our future is determined by our actions as a group.Over the past twenty years, Global Inheritance has focused on making this planet a better place for all of us to exist. We've seen incredible changes over the years from people, nations, and companies looking to rewrite the history books that our children's children will remember us by. Our organization's passion is to make everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from, embrace creativity and practice common sense when it comes to supporting the planet and each other. Take a few minutes today and celebrate World Environment Day by breaking bread with friends, family, or strangers and have an honest conversation about the future. Listen, and learn about their vision for our world. What we've discovered talking with millions of people over the years at every type of event, from country music festivals and professional car races to theme parks and universities, is that people's options change when they feel empowered to make a difference. It's easy to point to the science and start the conversation there, but it doesn't mean that they will listen. Even though it's extremely difficult to dial back your own passion, realize that the more people celebrating World Environment Day or pre-parrying for Earth Day 2121, is a step forward. If people have forward momentum, we will arrive a lot faster to where we need to go for this planet to survive today and in 100 years from now.If you've been watching from the sidelines, today is as good as any to get involved on a personal and public level. Nature is calling.