Posted Apr 5th 23.
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If you’re heading to Coachella this month, don’t forget one of the easiest ways to save money, time, and emissions... CARPOOLING! Let everyone know you give a @#@$! about the planet by teaming up with your friends, neighbors, and relatives to ride together! Make your statement obvious by tagging "Carpoolchella" on your car and you can win awesome prizes, including VIP for life! 

For all Coachella Campers, beyond getting flagged down by our secret spotters…you can now also win by taking your Carpoolchella car design to the next level! Entering the Camping Carpoolchella Design Challenge is easy:

Step #1 – Pull together your creative think tank to come up with a design, and go for it!

Step #2 – Snap a photo of yourself and your co-pilots (at least 2) in front of your sweet ride! Everyone in the photo must be riding in the same car. Make sure to include a second photo of just the car (pick the best side)!

Step #3 – Post it!️ Go on Instagram, share the photo, and tag @coachella @globalinheritence. Add hashtags #CampingCarpoolchella   

Step #4 – Visit the Global Inheritance tent in camping to pick up your prize. Prizes can be picked up on the Thursday or Friday morning of the Coachella Weekend you’re attending. 

Top prizes (including Coachella 2024 VIP passes x camping!) will be awarded to the most creative designs each weekend.

Any questions? Email us at!