Posted Apr 20th 24.
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Mother Earth is riding into Stagecoach this weekend looking for answers and the opportunity to inspire you to update your lifestyle.

Truth & Dare brings people face-to-face with planet Earth, who questions them about their personal environmental habits, beliefs, and behaviors. Participants are connected to a polygraph machine and interviewed by a physical manifestation of the planet, who sits across the table. The sequence of questions and answers aims to highlight how our behaviors directly affect the environment and capture the level of honesty in the discussion about those behaviors.

Once you complete your polygraph test, Planet Earth will dare you to complete a beneficial task (anything from giving up single-use plastic for a year to only purchasing pre-loved clothing for three months). Dares are inspired by participants' answers while connected to the polygraph, ensuring a personalized, impactful experience.

Stop the Global Inheritance tent this week and ask to speak to your mother. If Mother is busy, make sure to check out the POSTed Studio, Energy Playground, Art of Recycling, and other GI programs.