Posted May 18th 22.
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In April, Global Inheritance invited a hand-selected group of inspiring individuals to speak at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. We'd like to give them a warm round of applause for sharing their knowledge and passion for improving the health of both the planet and people.

Weekend 1: Anjali Tripathi, astrophysicist and Harvard scholar and Dr. Christopher Crowe from the Royal Astronomical Society shared their knowledge on extraterrestrial life. Their talk was followed by a special "Darkside of the Moon" tour with telescopes on the Kanye West Sunday Service hill to view the night sky.

Redwood National and State Park Co-superintendents Steven Mietz and Erin Gates shared stories about the ancient Redwood Forest and how to protect them.

Danni Washington, TV personality and founder of Big Blue & I, discussed the human relationship with water. Danni also hosted a Plastic Surgery workshop with Haley Jain Haggerstone to show Coachella attendees how to cut single-use plastic out of their lives.

Top Chef winner Ilan Hall and vegan blogger Jae Ramos explained the vegan movement and its impact across multiple industries. Musician + environmental activist, Jaden Smith, returned to the stage to share his ideas on the benefits of mushrooms.

Weekend 2: Maggie Baird, mother of Billie Eilish and founder of Support and Feed, talked about her mission to combat food insecurity and the climate crisis through planet-based food with Monty's co-founder Nic Adler.

Conscious Crypto creator Sutu discussed the environmental impacts of the blockchain with Arts Help's COO Adiam Gafoo.

Sophia Kianni, UN Advisor and founder of Climate Cardinals explained why language is so crucial in the climate action movement.

Global Inheritance Founder, Eric Ritz and Ursus Polaris hosted a special Earth Day conversation. Emma Rose Cohen, founder of Final, also performed free plastic surgery on the audience to celebrate Mother Earth's Birthday.

All of the talks took place within the POSTed Studio where festival attendees were provided tools to create poster concepts inspired by the subjects being discussed. Those concepts were then sent to professional artists to be transformed into downloadable posters, further amplifying these important messages. We're excited to share the first series of POSTed x Coachella 2022 editions next Tuesday which will be available online for free and can be used in schools, rallies, or simply displayed as art.

Thank you to all the speakers for inspiring us. Follow Global Inheritance for upcoming POSTed Studio Speaker Stage locations near you!