Posted Jun 15th 22.
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It's a new era in Europe as the major festivals return after a long break. This includes one of our favorites, Kappa FuturFestival in Turin, Italy - home of Olympic-quality skiing, the birthplace of solid chocolate, and host to one of the best electronic festivals on the planet.

Global Inheritance and Kappa FuturFestival are excited to announce the triumphant return of the Art of Recycling, Recycling Store, and Ursus Polaris this July 1st - 3rd! While Italy missed out on qualifying for this year's World Cup, they are 100% prepared to defend their WORLD CUP of RECYCLING title in 2022. Join the Global Inheritance team onsite and showcase your skills by defending planet Earth and score points for humankind by doing your part to keep the festival grounds clean. An all-star list of prizes is available to motivated recyclers onsite including the Kappa vegan shoes, limited edition KKF x GI shirts, festival merch, lunch with Ursus plus more!

BREAKING NEWS...Looking to upgrade your passes and promote sustainability and fashion? Participate in POSTed Studio and design a poster concept supporting the act of buying vintage, swapping outfits with friends, or making your own clothes to make your KFF experience more sustainable! Kappa FuturFestival and Global Inheritance will select (3) lucky winners whose passes will be upgraded to VIP in 2022 and also announce a winning concept who will receive KFF23 passes. Even better – several of Turin's leading professional designers will be transforming several of these concepts into a work of art that will inspire attendees, and the broader public, to make their festival fashion statements more sustainable.

Submit your poster concepts starting today for your chance to win. The deadline to submit your poster concepts is June 29th! Any questions? Email

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