Posted Mar 30th 21.
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According to theNational Retail Federation, 85% of Americans plan to celebrate Easter this year, resultingin more than$18 billionin spending. A full$2.4 billion of thatwill be spent buying candy andchocolate.Here are a few ideas for cutting plastic out of your Easter Holiday...*Just Say No To Plastic GrassUse real grass or even green vegetable leaves. Both will biodegrade quickly and can be fed to the rabbits.

*Avoid The Oil SpillTell the Easter Bunny you want palm oil free chocolates or candy alternatives in sustainable packaging.*Reuse BasketsEaster is only one day of the year. Why hassle with storing your basket for the other 364 days? Pickbaskets that have multiple uses around the house.

*Don't Hatch Plastic EggsPlastic eggs don't bring any life to your Easter party. Pick up a dozen organic eggs that can double assnacks after the hunt is over or use one of the countlessegg alternatives.*Give Experiences That Last Longer Than A DayPlastic toys and candy in plastic wrapping aren't great for Mother Nature. Show people, you care bycooking up sweets and giving experiences that will last a lifetime.