Posted Apr 12th 21.
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Global Inheritance recently lost a long-time advisor and invaluable friend, Chris Garrity. Staggeringly bright and intensely creative, Chris played an essential role in many of Global Inheritance's earliest programs. If you are reading this as a former collaborator with the organization at Coachella, you probably met Chris in his role as the Music Director at the Energy FACTory DJ Mixer Stage, or as an artist involved with the Portal Potties series, Polar Eclipse and Paul McCartney Solar Powered golf cart, or as a committed volunteer onsite, lending a hand wherever it was needed. His multi-faceted talents and passion were the fuel that transformed last-minute production glitches into artistic achievements.Chris built a career innovating for many of the world's top-tier brands including Netflix and Apple – he lent us his expertise and positive energy without expectation. He was a generous and caring human being, who offered guidance without judgment and welcomed strangers with curiosity and a free exchange of ideas. The story of his incredible life is missing chapters that should have been written, and so it is left to us to advance his legacy in the spirit of his own. By offering so much of himself and investing precious time into his vision for a healthier planet, hislegacy will continueto lead and inspire. Chris, you'll be dearly missed by everyone you reached, and will never be forgotten.