Posted Aug 14th 23.
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The Perseid meteor shower offers one of the best live shows on earth. Stargazing with members of NASA and JPL at Coachella is a close second 🌵✨

Every weekend at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival, Global Inheritance invited the best minds in the universe to join us at The POSTed Studio Speaker Stage to share their knowledge about space, weather, exoplanets – and their ideas about our future.

Each talk at the Speaker Stage served as inspiration for poster art focused on protecting the planet we know best - Earth. As the POSTed Studio speaker sessions concluded, the crowd climbed their way to the top of the hill where telescopes and scientists were assembled for a special “Stargazing at Coachella” experience. Two of the speakers also designed POSTed Editions based on poster concepts that were inspired by their talks at POSTed Studio.

A very special thanks to Gary Blackwood, Michael Saing, Joby Harris, Anjali Tripathi, and Ben Hamlington for all their support and inspiration! 🙏