Posted Jun 1st 23.
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The POSTed Studio speaker stage at Coachella highlighted leaders in the climate, social, and environmental education space eager to share their knowledge and inspire attendees.  After each talk, the audience sat down to create poster concepts informed by the solutions to the environmental and social challenges each speaker addressed.Thank you to all the fantastic speakers and moderators who made this year's POSTed Studio Speaker Stage possible. You were our favorite headliners at Coachella! 

Earthgang •Phoebe Gates • UMI• Leah Thomas •  Maxwell Frost • Sophia Kianni • Jaden Smith • Danni Washington •Emma Cohen • Mackenzie Wade  • Chhaya Kapilashrami • Drew FitzGerald• Dr. Ben Hamlington • Chef Priyanka Naik • Joby Harris  • James Wilks • Dr. Columbus Batiste •  Joseph Solomon • Xiuhtezcatl  • Dr. Anjali Tripathi