Posted Jun 9th 21.
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The sea, the great unifier, is man's only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat. - Jacques Yves CousteauWe are all deeply dependent on our oceans - for the life it sustains, the air we breathe, and its regulation of our climate and weather patterns. It is the planet's engine of renewal and one of our largest carbon sinks in the race to limit the effects of climate change. Some may prefer the company of lakes and rivers when enjoying nature, but with 80% of the world's population living within 500 miles of an ocean - the 96.5% of the water on Earth held in our oceans is a critical resource.June is National Oceans Month, and we invite everyone to join Global Inheritance in giving back to the oceans. Overfishing, plastic pollution, oil and gas drilling, and even reckless tourism are increasing the pace of climate change, and coral bleaching, while interfering with the global ecosystem. It's not unusual to feel helpless when faced with such a massive and urgent problem, but the future remains unwritten and we increase our support of the ocean's ecosystem starting today. Gather your tribe to participate in a beach clean-up, promote sustainable fishing practices, support politicians aligned with ocean conservation and the ocean-focused NGOs on the frontline. The ways you can engage with the efforts to restore the oceans to health are as vast as the planet - and this month is a perfect time to commit yourself to the cause.Global Inheritance has been inspiring and educating people about their impact on the ocean and those who depend on its health and bounty for the past 19 years. Our creative programs have included murals on rain barrels and recycling bins to bring focus to the cause, interactive water education programs to support conversation and learning, artist collaborations producing ocean-themed poster art, and endangered species rescue missions through our Saving Nature Claw Machine experience. These programs, and others like Plastic Surgery, can move people towards taking on a bigger role in the work to preserve our oceans. As an organization and as individuals who shape the programs at Global Inheritance, we are committed to doing more to protect our seas.We hope you'll join us by making your own impact today!Sincerely,The Global Inheritance team