Posted Apr 14th 21.
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This time of year doesn't feel the same without the festivals. The new faces, the energy of the crowd, the chance to engage with thousands of people who show up for the music – but end up expanding their awareness of the world. Global Inheritance has spent close to 20 years in the Coachella Valley's April sun, sharing our commitment to protecting the environment, and each other, through interactive experiences.In that time we've developed renewableenergy museums, fan-powered stages, robotic fortune-telling polar bears, scientific water bars, Art of Recycling collections, 10 x 1 bottle exchanges, saving nature arcades, carpooling for lifetime passes, portal potty time machines, bottle eating dinosaurs, poster design studios, and the list goes on.These original initiatives were created and driven by Global Inheritance's dedicated team members, onsite managers, partners, interns, and volunteers, who got the word out early and often thatthere is more to be done.Large gatherings of people, coming together to experienceart and community creates a culture ofopenness andconnection. There is a spirit of freedom at festivals that is atthe core of creative activism. We've shared knowledge and beliefs, traded stories, and formed bonds with diverse crowds and individuals who are optimistic about how we can influence the health of the planet. This quiet spring reminds us of how quickly the world can change, and we are ready tochange it again.To everyone who was a part of the annual pilgrimage to the Empire Polo Grounds, we look forward to seeing you again very soon. To all the artists, volunteers, and collaborators who support these endeavors, we'll be thinking of you. Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, and nearer-to-normal April while we get ready to start our next chapter together!