Posted Apr 8th 21.
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Home and personal energy use are reaching all-time highs. Even as the pandemic winds down, our energy use is on the rise in this digital revolution. More people are looking to work or take classes remotely, which means they will be responsible for managing their daily power usage. To help the public get their energy bill in shape and personally contribute to better planetary health, we invite people to "Work Out Their Watts" with Global Inheritance and participate in one of our energy-saving workout classes. Contact Global Inheritance today to learn more about available gym memberships and upcoming class schedules.

1) Use the Correct Sized Pots & PansIf you're preparing a smaller meal, then you should use a smaller pan. Bonus - Keeping a lid on your pots and pans helps keep the heat in, allowing you to use less energy to cook your meal!2) Clean Your Stovetop OftenBurner efficiency can be reduced dramatically when burner pans are blackened due to heavy use. Why? Because a shiny surface reflects heat better than a blackened one.3) Reduce Overall Cook TimeThe less time you spend cooking, the less energy you typically use. Reduce cook time by planning ahead.Try defrosting all frozen items in the refrigerator instead of the microwave or oven before use.4) Invest in High-Quality CookwareA warped pan can waste up to 50 percent of the heat used on a stovetop. However, a flat pan will utilize almost all energy. Similarly, If you use high-quality cookware that is made from highly conductive materials you will get the same results while using approximately 25% less heat!

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