Posted Mar 16th 23.
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On March 15th, Global Inheritance, LAUSD, and SoCalRen presented the Energy Battle Royal at the Future Green Leaders Summit at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Our mission - to give 1,800 middle schoolers from South LA the inspiration to explore different career pathways in sustainability and energy efficiency.

All students received "power cards" as they entered the conference, which assigned them to a specific energy dance crew. The Renewable Energy Sources and MC Powerful communicated the pros and cons of each power source while professional dancers showed the students original dance moves representing each Energy Source. Ethanol, Geothermal, and Hydrogen scored victories on the dance floor, but the students quickly learned that every Renewable Energy Source plays a huge role in powering our planet and defeating climate change, and we need to support them all.

Before the Energy Battle Royal could begin, LAUSD students had to power up the sound system and LED light towers by generating kinetic energy on the engineered seesaws, human-sized hamster wheels, bikes, and a swingset. After running, jumping, and swinging - ;the energy wells were full and you could feel the energy in the room.

Thank you to all our amazing partners, dancers, actors, and team members who energized Global Inheritance's Energy Battle Royal. More information, shout outs, and extended video coming soon!

View the Energy Battle Royal photo gallery here. For more information, contact Global Inheritance at