Posted Apr 6th 22.
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Attention Coachella Attendees: reduce your carbon footprint by carpooling to the festival. Let people know that you're riding with your Coachella crew by tagging "Carpoolchella" on your car.Carpoolchella rules are similar to previous years but with a new twist.Beyond getting flagged down by our secret spotters…you can now also win by taking your Carpoolchella car design to the next level!This not only lets everyone at Coachella know about your killer art skills, but it also spreads your art to everyone you encounter on your way to Indio - that's a lot of people to inspire with your actions and your car design!What are the steps to enter the Carpoolchella Design Challenge?Step #1 - Design!🎨Step #2- Take a Photo!📸 Snap a shot of yourself and your co-pilots (at least 2) in front of your sweet ride! Everyone in the photo must be riding in the same car. Make sure to include a second photo of just the car (pick the best side)!Rule #3 - Post!⭐️ Go on Instagram, share the photo and tag @globalinheritence. Add hashtags #Carpoolchella #GIxCoachella #CoachellaArt. This will enter you into a raffle!Global Inheritance will announce the best Carpoolchella design at 7pm in camping on Thursday night and on Sunday at 5pm for the entire festival."Best Dressed" Carpoolchella car drivers will be contacted via social media or participants can stop by the Global Inheritance tent to see if they won.