If you have ever attended the Coachella Music & Arts Festival, chances are you probably participated in a Global Inheritance program.

Maybe you won Coachella passes for life by carpooling with friends? Fed recyclable bottles to a 40 ft robotic t-rex? Or even drank purified wastewater at the Oasis Water Bar? For almost two decades, we have developed interactive environmental and social initiatives to empower festival attendees and bring attention to important global issues.

Global Inheritance and Coachella partnered in 2004 to design interactive educational programs that focus on improving planetary health. Global Inheritance programs are a long-standing feature of the Coachella experience. Certain core programs are designed for pre-festival engagement while others live in the main venue and camping area for all attendees to experience. Beyond the environmental benefits made possible by participating, each program is designed to draw attention and make the attendee's experience shareable, meaningful, and memorable.

From playground-powered DJ mixers and fortune-telling polar bears (Poltar the Great) to redesigned recycling bins and solar-powered arcades, Global Inheritance strives to raise the bar in inspirational and thought-provoking experiences year after year.

The initiatives are a joint effort between the nonprofit and the music festival to inspire individuals and reduce the event’s environmental impact.

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Art of Recycling

TRASHed (Trash Education) Art of Recycling is one of Global Inheritance's longest-running programs. Debuting at the Coachella Music & Arts festival in 2004, this program infuses environmental...

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POSTed Studio

Posters have helped shape the culture of our world by visualizing our collective messages of hope, optimism, change, and empowerment. The POSTed Studio is an interactive, collaborative program...

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Together with Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, this long running program rewards individuals who travel with 4 or more passengers in their car. If spotted...

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Recycling Store

The TRASHed Recycling Store encourages people at large events and festivals to recycle bottles, cans and cups in exchange for points redeemable for exclusive items and...

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Energy Playground

Global Inheritance's Energy Playground allows people to see - and feel - the impact that they can have on energy production.

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Poltar the Great

Poltar the Great is an interactive fortune-telling polar bear who sits in a 10-foot arcade box. An all-knowing soothsayer, he provides solutions to cope with today's...

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Oasis Water Bar

The Oasis Water Bar is a refreshing and interactive opportunity for people to understand the water challenges we face and the possible solutions for tomorrow.

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Saving Nature Claw Machine

Like a classic arcade claw machine game, the Saving Nature Claw Machine offers participants the opportunity to save endangered and at-risk species.

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Speaker Series

One of the leading cultural events in the world, Coachella brings together people from around the world to be inspired by the most influential voices of...

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Star Gazing at Coachella

The best minds in the universe are invited to join us and share their ideas and knowledge about space, weather and exoplanets. After the talks, Coachella...

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Saving Nature Arcade

The Saving Nature Arcade is a solar-powered twist on 8 bit video games. Arcade classics have been re-skinned to spotlight key environmental challenges. Featured titles included...

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Art of Thrifting

Thrift stores curate photo shoots based on past Coachella art for the opportunity to win festival passes. Our goal is to support local businesses, connect them...

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Recyclosaurus Rex

Recycling just took one BIG step forward. Feed your bottles, cans and cups to this 40-foot-longrobotic T-Rex and never look at recycling the same way ever...

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Polar Bear Dating Game

Love knows no distance - from the Arctic to Indio! One lucky contestant each weekend woos Ursus with their knowledge and commitment to Mother Earth in...

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Energy FACTory

This Renewable Energy museum premiered at Coachella 2007 and highlights the potential of clean energy through interactive workshops and exhibits, art installations and onsite demonstrations. . Learn...

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Energy FACTory DJ Mixer

A human powered stage where DJs had the opportunity to perform inside the main venue at Coachella with one catch -  they had to recruit festival...

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18 & Up

Cruise and view the power of alternative energy at Coachella in tricked-out environmentally friendly golf carts. Each cart is built and redesigned by different artists +...

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Portal Potties

Porta-Potties are transformed into unique works of art that combine the musical history of Los Angeles with the diverse visions of the artists who created them....

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Coachella Express

This private train for Coachella campers traveled between Union Station in downtown Los Angles to the Coachella Valley. Junkie XL performed a live set onboard while...

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Global Inheritance is looking for exceptional individuals who are ready to join us in producing interactive education programs focused on improving planetary health. 

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Partner with Us

Join us on our mission to empower the next generation of global activists. Global Inheritance is looking for like-minded partners to support programming and expand our...

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