Energy Playground
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Energy Battle Royal
Energy FACTory
Work Out Your Watts

Our original energy programs teach people the differences between energy sources and their future potential.

Since 2007, Global Inheritance has engaged and educated the public through demonstrations, workshops, interactive experiences, and creative illustrations, empowering people to take charge and commit to sustainable energy sources. 

Energy Playground

Global Inheritance's Energy Playground allows people to see - and feel - the impact that they can have on energy production.

Our re-engineered classic playground equipment converts kinetic energy from running, cycling, seesawing, turning, and swinging into electricity inside a lithium-ion battery we've dubbed "the Energy Well."

First launched in 2007 at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, the Energy Playground offers participants the opportunity to collaborate with others for the chance to play like a kid again, all while powering cell phones, arcades, musical performances, snow cone machines, outdoor movies or other energy-driven activities.

Once people see how much energy is required to power everyday items, the Energy Playground leaves a lasting impression about downsizing energy usage. 

Energy FACTory DJ Mixer

A human powered stage where DJs had the opportunity to perform inside the main venue at Coachella with one catch -  they had to recruit festival attendees to generate energy to power their set. thousands of people jump, run, pedal, swing and push their way to incredible sets by their favorite DJ’s

Energy Battle Royal

The Energy Battle Royal is Global Inheritance’s highly charged, educational campaign – featuring the biggest power players known to mankind.

With a full lineup of 14 energy sources – from Petroleum and Solar to Nuclear and Ethanol, you’ll learn everything you need to know about energy as well as the pros and cons of each source. To make matters more interesting, we put them all inside a wrestling ring for an ultimate battle royal.

Which energy sources will rise to the occasion to power the world?

Energy FACTory

This Renewable Energy museum premiered at Coachella 2007 and highlights the potential of clean energy through interactive workshops and exhibits, art installations and onsite demonstrations. . Learn what’s possible hat festivals and its impact  power of wind, solar, kinetic, biodiesel and ethanol. Festival goers were able to recharge their cell phones by riding Energy bikes,  Make It Yourself Biodiesel demonstrations and more. 

Work Out Your Watts

Home and personal energy use are reaching all-time highs. Even as the pandemic winds down, our energy use is on the rise in this digital revolution. More people are looking to work or take classes remotely, which means they will be responsible for managing their daily power usage. To help the public get their energy bill in shape and personally contribute to better planetary health, we invite people to "Work Out Their Watts" with Global Inheritance and participate in one of our energy-saving workout classes.


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Equivalent to Powering Smart Phones

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