Posters have helped shape the culture of our world by visualizing our collective messages of hope, optimism, change, and empowerment. The POSTed Studio is an interactive, collaborative program that brings together inspired individuals and professional designers to create powerful posters around the world’s greatest challenges.

At the Studio, individuals design poster concepts around social or environmental issues that matter to them. The most creative concepts are then transformed by professional designers and are made available to share with the rest of the world.

POSTed amplifies the power of visual communication to everyone, regardless of artistic skill. Equally an open forum for great ideas and a creative space for artistic messaging, POSTed Studio educates and inspires our communities to tackle the most important global issues of our time.

Many of the posters are available below for download. Feel free to display and share!

For more information, email or visit the POSTed Studio website for more information

Created by you at POSTed Studio

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