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Get TRASHed (Trash Education)! Recycling is the gateway to getting people to play a larger role in solving environmental problems. Everyone can recycle, reduce and reuse. We make the experience fun and memorable to ensure people see the lasting benefit.

Art of Recycling

Help us celebrate our 20th anniversary at Coachella and submit your concept now!

An artist-driven initiative, TRASHed Art of Recycling creates imaginative and one-of-a-kind art pieces out of everyday recycling bins.

Since the 2004 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, 1,000+ artists have created 2,500+ large and small redesigned bins. They've found their way into galleries, other music festivals, sporting events and public gatherings across North America, South America, and Europe. After events, many of the bins are donated to local schools.

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Recycling Store

The TRASHed Recycling Store encourages people at large events and festivals to recycle bottles, cans and cups in exchange for points redeemable for exclusive items and experiences.

Not only do participants walk away feeling better about recycling, they can think less about where they step, having contributed to a cleaner venue.

How it works

Collect Recyclables
Get Points
Earn Prizes

Recyclosaurus Rex

Recycling just took one BIG step forward. Feed your bottles, cans and cups to this 40-foot-longrobotic T-Rex and never look at recycling the same way ever again.

Art of Thrifting

Thrift stores curate photo shoots based on past Coachella art for the opportunity to win festival passes. Our goal is to support local businesses, connect them with festival attendees, and promote vintage festival wear to reduce the environmental burden of buying new clothes.


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