Oasis Water Bar
Rain Supreme

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Oasis Water Bar

The Oasis Water Bar is a refreshing and interactive opportunity for people to understand the water challenges we face and the possible solutions for tomorrow.

Launched in 2013 at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, the bar serves shots of a variety of water types (including purified wastewater and desalinated ocean water). As participants taste each one, the bartender will explain how it was sourced, filtered and what the water's future potential is.

By the time patrons discover that less than 1% of our planet's water is drinkable, they'll understand the value behind earth's most precious resouce. 

Rain Supreme

Launched in 2015 during California's worst drought, this traveling workshop and art exhibit encourages communities and schools to collect and store rainwaterin rain barrels for their daily watering needs.

While attendees view barrels redesigned by artists nationwide, they also have the opportunity to order their own barrels, find out about barrel rebate/discount programs in their communities, and learn about best practices and installation tips in their homes.

After exhibitions, the custom artist barrels are auctioned off to support interactive water education programs or donated to local schools.


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